Pharmacogenetics (PGx), testing is a simple swab test performed on a person by his/her physician. This test will inform the physician what drugs can and cannot be taken by the patient. In addition, it also tells the physician which multiple drugs can and cannot be mixed for the patient. This test will increase the safety and efficacy of prescription drug therapy.

There are over two million hospitalizations from Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) annually, and these reactions are responsible for over 105,000 deaths each year. ADRs are the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. Typically, our seniors are on at least 1 and more than likely several drugs which creates a higher risk of ADRs. The average Medicare patient takes 5-8 drugs, and some are prescribed as many as 20+ drugs per day. Patients taking over 11 drugs have a 96% chance if an ADR.

It has been believed medically for many years that "one size fits all" which we now know is not the case. Mr. Hans Helmuth will visit Springwood on July 1 at 3:00 pm to inform our residents about this important test, approved by the FDA.

Mary, your Suites Director, has this to say:

A critical component of our services here at Nightingale Suites and assisted living communities in general is medication administration. The Colorado Dept. of Health requires each person who is to administer meds in licensed communities be certified to do so. To be eligible to take the QMAP (Qualified Medication Administration Person) course, an employee must have a high school diploma and an understanding of math. The two day course is taught by a registered nurse. The testing consisting of both a written and clinical piece. At Nightingale Suites, we work closely with our QMAPS’s to ensure proper medication administration takes place to ensure your health and safety.